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Inventory SQL Server Databases with PowerShell

A colleague of mine asked if I could provide an updated list of SQL Server instances and databases on an ongoing basis. Although we have several applications that are capable of doing this, they are either unreliable or haven’t been fully … Continue reading

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PASS Summit 2008

I attended the PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server) Summit 2008 in Seattle, WA from November 17th through November 21st. Powershell made a showing with three Powershell focused presentations. There were two sessions by Allen White and one by Buck Woody. I … Continue reading

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Is PowerShell necessary for a DBA?

I have been a SQL DBA for 9 years and in that time I have worked with many DBAs. Surprisingly only about 20% of them knew a dynamic programming language other than T-SQL. So, Is Powershell necessary for a DBA? … Continue reading

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Using RSS for System Administration

Using RSS for system administration is a novel but extremely useful technique to consolidate information across many servers. I’m using RSS Server software PoshRSS and xSQLSoftware RSS Reporter along with my favorite client-side aggregator, RSSOwl to pull together: Databases missing … Continue reading

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SQLPSX Release 1.2

I completed Release 1.2 of SQLPSX which adds 14 new functions for working with SQL Server Agent. Here’s an example scripting out all SQL Server Agent Jobs:Get-AgentJob ‘Z002’ | Get-SQLScripter And this command will display the job history for a … Continue reading

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