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Disk Alignment Partitioning: The Good, the Bad, the OK and the Not So Ugly

Lately I’ve been reading about the disk alignment partitioning and performance degragaton that occurs in Windows 2003 when using the wrong partition NTFS partition offset. There is an I/O performance impact of 30 – 40% when disk partitions are not properly aligned. … Continue reading

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Automating MOM 2000/2005 Report Generation

Every month I go through a  capacity planning exercise looking at things like processor, memory, storage and backup success rates. As part of the review I’ll run two simple Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 SQL Server Reporting Services reports for the … Continue reading

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Windows PowerShell Virtual User Group Meeting #9

Presentation and code examples from Windows PowerShell Virtual User Group Meeting #9 presentation on the CodePlex project SQL Server Powershell Extensions from Feb 18th, 2009 are available here.   My thanks to Marco Shaw for inviting me to present at the user … Continue reading

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Check for Windows Server 2003 Scalable Networking Pack

I’ve previously blogged about the issues with Windows Server 2003 Scalable Networking Pack included in Windows 2003 Service Pack 2. I keep finding servers in my environment with the feature enabled, so I created a short Powershell script to check … Continue reading

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South East Michigan SQL Server Users Group Presentation

Presentation and scripts for the SEMSSUG presentation on Using RSS for System Administration are available here. This is a repeat of the session I gave at SQL Saturday Tampa.   **Update, the Live Meeting was recorded and is available for viewing/download here.

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Using OLEDB with SharePoint Lists

I noticed the folks at provide an example connection string which uses OleDb to connect to a SharePoint list. Being a database person, the idea of querying a SharePoiint list like a table sounded interesting, so I set out … Continue reading

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Execute SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Package from Powershell

***Updated 2/23/2009. After some additional testing I discovered you cannot change the location of SSISConfig without saving and reloading a package or exporting and importing a configuration, so I removed the functionality to reset the config location since there isn’t … Continue reading

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