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SQLPSX 1.5 Release

I completed Release 1.5 of SQLPSX which adds 31 new functions for working with database maintenance (CHECKDB, Index rebuilds, backup and restore) as well as login, user, role and permission management. With this release there are now 104 total functions, 2 cmdlets and 12 … Continue reading

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Build Your Own SQL Server 2008 Object Dependency Viewer

I saw a demonstration by  Doug Finke during the Windows PowerShell Virtual User Group Meeting #9  for displaying network graphs and thought this would be a great technique for visualizing SQL Server object dependencies. The Powershell code is available on Doug’s blog post … Continue reading

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Test-SqlScript and Out-SqlScript cmdlets

I ‘ve been using  Visual StudioTeam System 2008 Database Edition (VSDB) and noticed an interesting post on Gert Drapers’ blog, entitled Getting to the Crown Jewels. In the posting Gert demonstrates a basic C# WinForm application which parsers and formats T-SQL … Continue reading

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Perl, sed and WMIC Scripts

Last week I received a notification from my internet service provider they were migrating their member web pages to a new location. I had some old static web pages on my site that I hadn’t updated in years. The notification requested I … Continue reading

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