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Powershell V2 Release Candidate

The big news this week has been the announcement of the Windows 7 Release Candidate availability on April 30th. Upon seeing the tweet on Friday, April 24th, my first thoughts were of excitement and a bit of panic and not for the reasons you … Continue reading

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The Value Proposition of Powershell to DBAs

Brent Ozar posted the results of poll he conducted on Powershell adoption among database professionals in a post entitled, Powershell poll results. Of particular note, out of the 100 polled, which I assume are mostly database professionals only about 20% … Continue reading

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Send Powershell output to an Excel, PDF, or Image file

While reading through Wrox book, Professional SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services (SSRS) I noticed a chapter on "Integrating Reports Into Custom Applicaiton" where the authors make use of the ReportViewer control to embed an SSRS report in a WinForm application without needing an SSRS … Continue reading

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Executing Powershell in SQL Server

Let me put out a disclaimer the script and technique described in this post is a bit of a hack and I find loading SQL Server data from Powershell easier rather than executing Powershell within SQL Server to load data. The … Continue reading

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Making Disk, Database and Table Graphs with Powershell

Sometimes seeing data visually rather than in text format makes things easier to understand. For instance, I prefer to use WinDirStat to see a Treemap of disk space usage by file and type rather than a sorted text list of large files. … Continue reading

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