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External MAML Help Files

One of the really handy improvevements in Powershell V2 is around creating help information for your script users. I often find myself having to read through script and function definitions to figure out how to use them (and this is for scripts I … Continue reading

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SQLPSX Developer Blog

Powershell enthusiast, DBA and new SQL Server PowerShell Extensions developer Mike Shepard started a blog. Mike addresses a common question I’ve seem in the SQL Server forums on of handling parameters in queries in his post, Executing SQL the Right Way … Continue reading

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MIF Busters

Management Information Format (MIF) files are formatted text files containing additional information about hardware and software components. The MIF format originated out of the Desktop Management Interface Standards in 1996, but has since been displaced by newer technologies including CIM. As an aside … Continue reading

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SQLPSX 1.6.1 Release

I completed a maintenance release of SQL Server PowerShell Extensions, which address all known open issues. This release is still PowerShell V1, but I plan on working on a V2 release soon. The only notable change is in LibraryShowMbrs, which … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer Automation with WatIN

At my workplace I use an IT Service Desk application, called well, "Service Desk" from CA. The system is web-based and provides various queues for Change Orders, Requests and Incidents. Service Desk is used as used as workflow system instead of email. I’m … Continue reading

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