Southwest Florida Code Camp II

I presented a Powershel session at the SW Florida .Net Code Camp II. The session demonstrated the following uses cases for developer usage of Powershell:
  • ETL
  • Testing (PSUnit and WatIN)
  • Deployment Automation
  • Management API
The presentation and supporting materials are available here:
Max Trinidad presented 3 one-hour sessions, so we were able to basically run a Powershell track at the code camp! It was fun taking part in a one day Powershell event. My thanks to everyone in attendence and to the SW Florida .NET Developers Group for all the work that went into hosting code camp. Feel free to post questions and comments.
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2 Responses to Southwest Florida Code Camp II

  1. Joe says:

    thanks for being there Chad. heard great things about your talk. repeat at Tampa codecamp?

  2. Chad says:

    Absolutely, see you at Tampa Code Camp, Nov 7th.

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