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The Black Art of PowerShell V2 Version Numbers

Last week while helping someone in the SQLPSX forums having an issue importing modules I suspected they had a CTP version of Powershell, but being the skeptical person I am I needed proof. My first thought was there must be … Continue reading

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SQL Saturday #32

I presented a one hour session at SQL Saturday #32 in Tampa on Powershell ETL: "In this sesssion we will look at performing common data loading tasks with Powershell. A basic understanding of PowerShell is helpful, but not necessary. Specific topics … Continue reading

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Hello SMO (F#) World!

Reading The F# Survival Guide has motivated me to write my version of an F# "Hello World!" utility. What I mean by that is to write something simple that I’ve written in other programming languages as a learning exercise. In my world … Continue reading

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Finding Invalid SQL Logins

As many of you know the system stored procedure sp_validatelogins is used for finding invalid logins. Although sp_validatelogins is useful there’s one problem — the output isn’t always accurate. You see when you add a a Windows account to SQL Server the … Continue reading

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